[Release] Juveniles Chapter 1-3 & Milk Tea Chapter 1 (New Series!)

Title: Juveniles


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Title: Milk Tea


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Hello, all Juveniles fans~! We have a great news for you! A full three chapters of your favorite series after having you guys waiting for two weeks! Thanks to Apple, our new Korean Translator, who’s like a lightning since she works really fast, haha~ XD

A warning though~ Be prepared for some rollercoaster of emotions reading this series because we definitely did! T__T But trust us, it’s in a good way! Also, in a way that makes you crave for more chapters of it!

We also released a chapter of Milk Tea, our new series! It’s hilarious and fluffy at the same time! A great combination of RomCom with amazing art to the boot! Definitely a must-read! *thumbs up*

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[Release] Dinner for A Hungry Person Chapter 1 (New Series)

Title: Dinner for A Hungry Person


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Hey, guys! It’s been a while since we released our first releases, so here’s something for you: Chapter 1 of Dinner for A Hungry Person, our new series!

We recommend that you go get something to eat first so you won’t get hungry while reading it! ^^ And now I have the urge to suddenly watch a cooking show…

Also, we got so many new members this week~ But we’re still looking for more translators and editors, so please join us if you have the time and dedication! You can help us release faster that way! :D

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First Double Releases [Prologue(s)] for Two New Webtoons

Title: Juveniles

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Title: Excuse Me, But The World Will Be Gone For A While

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Hey, everyone~  Hope you guys will enjoy the double releases we worked on the last few days~  We know what you’re thinking – that we’re such a tease on releasing only the prologue for two new series~  Well, you should stay tune to find out more about them which in our opinion is both interesting and worth reading! ^^

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*Special thanks to Twa and Coke for their amazing and fast work! They only recently joined our team but have contributed a lot to these releases!  We’re lucky to have you guys! <3

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