Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to send us a message here if you don’t see your questions below! :)

Q: I want to apply to be your staff! What should I do?
A: That’s really easy! Just head over to this section and fill the form! We will get back to you as soon as we can! :)

Q: I don’t have any experience in scanlation! Can I still apply?
A: Of course! You don’t have to be experienced if you’re applying as a translator, and if you’re applying as a cleaner/typesetter/editor, you only need to pass our test. :)

Q: I don’t know how scanlation works! Can you tell me in brief explanation?
A: Sure! So, the overall process of the scanlation: The translator translates using the raws provided by the group, and at the same time the cleaner cleans the raws. When the translator has finished translating, the proofreader will proofread it and will cross check with the translator to make sure the correction is good enough. After the translation has been proofread and the raws has been cleaned, the typesetter will typeset the translation into the cleaned raws. And finally, the quality checker will check everything for any mistakes, be it from the translation itself (grammar/spelling) and the editing (cleaning/typesetting).

Q: I don’t have that much free time but I still want to help! What should I do?
A: That’s fine! We don’t have deadlines so you can just work whenever you have the time. :) We understand that you also have other things to do besides helping us, and you’re also free to take breaks whenever you need it as long as you inform us beforehand!

Q: When will you release the next chapter of [insert project’s name]?
A: We’re really sorry but we can’t really give you the exact date of when we will release something. We still need more translators, proofreaders, and editors to be able to have a fixed schedule of all our projects. So if you think you can help us even just a little bit, please consider joining us!

Q: How can I get download links for your releases?
A: It’s really simple – you only need to make an account on our forum here and you can access all of our download links!

Q: Do you still take requests/suggestions?
A: We don’t at the moment. We will only pick up new series unless we get a translator and an editor for it since we’re pretty much occupied with our current projects.