[Release] Chasing Star Moon Chapter 7, Lan Chi Chapter 52-53, & Milk Tea Chapter 6!

Title: Chasing Star Moon

chasingstarmoonLink: Read Online || Download Link

Title: Lan Chi

lanchi_thumblLink: Read Online || Download Link

Title: Milk Tea

milkteaLink: Read Online || Download Link

Yo, guys! Here’s another triple releases for you all!

We got the latest chapter of Chasing Star Moon (so sorry for the delay!), the latest chapter of Milk Tea (don’t think we abandoned it so don’t worry!), and the latest chapters of Lan Chi! (Aren’t we generous? *wink wink*)

We hope you enjoy those chapters to make up for the delay! Stay tune for more releases from us! And if you want to help us out, we’re in need of more cleaners and editors to work with us to release more high quality webtoons faster! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience – as long as you pass our test, you’ll be accepted right away! It doesn’t hurt to try, don’t you think? Especially since you’ll be able to work on our awesome projects alongside us! Apply here immediately if you’re interested! ^^

You can always send any questions/comments/concerns to our email at qwertyscans@gmail.com!


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