[Release] Chasing Star Moon Chapter 7, Lan Chi Chapter 52-53, & Milk Tea Chapter 6!

Title: Chasing Star Moon

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Title: Lan Chi

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Title: Milk Tea

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Yo, guys! Here’s another triple releases for you all!

We got the latest chapter of Chasing Star Moon (so sorry for the delay!), the latest chapter of Milk Tea (don’t think we abandoned it so don’t worry!), and the latest chapters of Lan Chi! (Aren’t we generous? *wink wink*)

We hope you enjoy those chapters to make up for the delay! Stay tune for more releases from us! And if you want to help us out, we’re in need of more cleaners and editors to work with us to release more high quality webtoons faster! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience – as long as you pass our test, you’ll be accepted right away! It doesn’t hurt to try, don’t you think? Especially since you’ll be able to work on our awesome projects alongside us! Apply here immediately if you’re interested! ^^

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[Release] Lan Chi Chapter 51, Two Playing House Chapter 3-6, & Two Souls Chapter 8~ (New Series)

Title: Lan Chi

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Title: Two Playing House

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Title: Two Souls

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Hi, everyone! We’re finally back with new chapters of Lan Chi, Two Playing House, and Two Souls for you our lovely readers who have been waiting patiently for us! We’re really sorry for the delay! And we hope these latest chapters are enough to cover for it~ :D

Let’s review them, first! For Lan Chi, we can see the continuation of the *heartwarming?* reunion! Will Julian be satisfied with just looking at Angla from afar? Go ahead and read the newest chapter to satisfy your hunger of those cuties~! *I still crave for more Julian sob*

And if you’re a fan of lighthearted comedy, don’t waste any time and just go straight to read the four latest chapters of Two Playing House! The art is really cute and the story is really funny and interesting, this series has it all! Again, we’re not responsible if you end up wanting for more chapters of this series once you read them all~ :P

As for our newest series, Two Souls, you should totally check it out if you’re looking for Action/Adventure/Fantasy webtoon with the element of RPG as well! And some light and fluffy romance included, too! ^^

Anyway, we’re still looking for some more cleaners, typesetters and editors to help us out! You can apply here and wait until we get back to you~ Also, when you apply please make sure you type your email correctly, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to contact you. ^^;;

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[Releases] Dawn of the Frozen Wastelands Chapter 7, Minus Hand Chapter 9, Lan Chi Chapter 49-50, & Shaman Girl Chapter 0-1 (New Series)!

Dawn of the Frozen Wasteland

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Minus Hand

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Title: Lan Chi

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Shaman Girl

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Yo, everyone! We’re back with another quadruple releases for all of you!

First of all, we got you another chapter of Dawn of the Frozen Wastelands! In this latest chapter, we’ll get a sneak peek of what happens to Mago and the continuation of Ham and Aran’s journey to Sanasai! Finally I get to see so many panels of my beloved Ham~ Kyaaah <3<3<3

Moving on, we also have the newest chapter of Minus Hand, where you will find out whether Mr. Chad and the others are able to execute their plan to kill the noble, or if it was a trap and they actually fall for it~ Curious? Read it now! It’ll take some time until it’s uploaded to Batoto though, if you can’t wait you can go ahead to our forum to download it!

And for you Lan Chi fans, we’re giving you two chapters immediately after only waiting for a week since our last update! Will Julian finally be able to meet Angla again like he *really* hopes? Come check out the latest chapters immediately but don’t blame us if you end up craving for more chapters~~~

And the last one, is our new series, Shaman Girl! I won’t spoil anything about this series yet, just some recommendation that you should *I repeat, should* definitely read it since even the first chapter is very interesting and funny to read!

As usual, we’re still hiring for some more editors~ If you don’t have any experience don’t worry! You can take our test and see if you do pass and can join our group and work alongside us to release more and more high quality interesting webtoons! Sounds amazing, isn’t it? At least it does to me. Simply apply here and wait until we get back to you! :D

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