[Releases] Minus Hand Chapter 8, Dinner for A Hungry Person Chapter 7, & Lan Chi Chapter 48+Side Stories!

Minus Hand

minushandLink: Read Online || Download Link

Title: Dinner for A Hungry Person

havingdinnerLink: Read Online || Download Link

Title: Lan Chi

lanchiLink: Read Online || Download Link

Hey, guys! Here are some new chapters for you all, our lovely readers!

We got the newest chapter of Minus Hand a.k.a One Punch Man sets in a steampunk timeline. If you’ve been curious about whether Zeo and his friends will get caught by the noble or not, find out the answer on this chapter! :D

We also got the newest chapter of Dinner for A Hungry Person! What happens after Fukumi and Manjuu got in a fight? I sure hope they would make up though, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see more of their *delicious* dinner~ T_T Sadly, this chapter has no ‘Food of the Chapter’ since the story is mostly focused on Manjuu, Fukumi and her Charlie’s Angels trio friends! Go read it now to sate your curiosity~! ;)

Aaand~ We finally released some chapters of Lan Chi! Yaaay~ :D We’re really sorry for the wait, but we’ve prepared chapter 48 for you PLUS two SIDE STORIES~! *GASP* That’s right! Two side stories to warm your heart featuring our beloved trio! So what are you waiting for? Go read them immediately and prepare for some fluffy and fuzzy feeling in your kokoro~ ^^

We’re still looking for more editors, by the way~ You don’t need to be experienced as long as you pass our test~ :) There are many privileges of working with us, which includes (but not limited to): awesome projects to work on, friendly staff members, experience in scanlating, contributing to manga/webtoon community, and many more! You should totally join us if you have some free time and don’t have any idea what to do~! ;) We’ll be waiting for you here~~~ *waves handkerchief*

We’ll also wait for your email for any questions/comments/concerns at: qwertyscans@gmail.com~


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