[Releases] Dinner for A Hungry Person Chapter 6 & Chasing Star Moon Chapter 1 (New Series)

Title: Dinner for A Hungry Person


Link: Read Online || Download Link

Title: Chasing Star Moon


Link: Read Online || Download Link

Hey, guys! We’re back with some new chapters and a new series as well~!

Dinner for A Hungry Person Chapter 6 is ready for you to read alongside the ‘food of the chapter’~! The keyword for this chapter is… *drumroll please* INSTANT RAMEN~! Yumm, I haven’t had instant ramen in a while… T_T What’s great about it is that you can make it yourself whenever you want and you can add many things like cheese and eggs! Yummy~~~ *Wait, why am I promoting instant ramen instead? O_O* Well, you should start making some instant ramen so you wouldn’t get hungry in the middle of reading this latest chapter~ ;)

As for our new series, it’s Chasing Star Moon, a story about a girl who travels through time and meets a bunch of handsome guys~ The art is really pretty and the plot is interesting so it’s definitely a must read~! :D Especially if you like seeing pretty boys *cough*likeIdo*cough*~

Also, we got a new member from Angel Wing Scans which will be our translator for Lan Chi! Yay~ New member and new project~ ^^ We still need more experienced editors, by the way! Do apply if any of our projects interest you so we can release them faster with your help! :)

You can always email us at: qwertyscans@gmail.com with any questions/comments/concerns~ ❤


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